Palm Positive+

Think palm oil, think deforestation. Think palm oil, think health implications. The media has disseminated such simplified messaging around palm oil for years. There have been numerous calls to action to boycott palm oil, and “no palm” labeled products are finding their way onto grocery store shelves.

We need to reconsider the use of palm oil. Not only because palm oil is in high demand as a functional ingredient in a broad range of consumer products. In fact, palm oil is used in half of all food and personal care products we consume. We also need to reconsider palm oil looking at current global production and supply dynamics. Demand for vegetable oils will increase further between now and 2050, while at the same time vegetable oil production and supply are in flux due to climate change and geopolitical turmoil.

Rethink palm oil if you care about global food production, protecting the planet and human health. Positive palm oil is possible. This has been our belief since we founded Natural Habitats in 2009, and launched Palm Done Right in 2016. Since starting our organic palm oil journey, we have shown that palm can be done right.

We created our Palm Positive+ Reference Guide to show you another perspective and demystify some of the simplified reasoning around the complex topic of palm oil. This book illustrates how organic, sustainable, and ethical palm oil protects the environment and builds healthy communities. It also sheds light on the complex issue of palm oil and health. Compared to other vegetable oils in our markets, palm oil brings many benefits.

Are you ready to change the conversation about palm oil, and create lasting change in a large and commoditized industry? Palm Done Right isn’t just a philosophy — it’s a way of doing business that permeates every aspect of our supply chain. We invite you to join our mission to make palm oil a force for good by empowering farmers and protecting the earth, now and for future generations.



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Monique van Wijnbergen

Monique van Wijnbergen


Palm Done Right Spokesperson | Organic, Deforestion- Free, Wildlife Friendly, Fair & Social Palm Oil | Natural Habitats |